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About the Czech-Latvian Society

Czech–Latvian Society (Česko–lotyšský spolek, or ČLS in Czech language) is a non-governmental, non-political interest society according to the law No. 83/1990 of the Czech Republic about associating of citizens. It was founded in 1990 (June 22) and continues in historical tradition of friendship between the Czech and the Latvian nations, especially in the activities of the Czechoslovak–Latvian Society, which has existed in the period between the two world wars.

The aim of the Czech–Latvian Society is to conduce to the all-round development of contacts between Czechia and Latvia in the field of culture, education, tourism and economy, to promote and popularize the history and the present time of the Latvian nation, its culture and language. Czech–Latvian Society intimately co-operates with the Latvian Cultural Centre at the Embassy of the Latvian Republic in Prague.

The Czech–Latvian Society was founded by the friends of Latvia, who had co-arranged demonstrations and petitions for accepting the renascent independence of the Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) in the years of 1990–1991. About 30 thousands Czechoslovak citizens joined these activities by their signatures. Since 1993 the Czech–Latvian Society co-operates with the Embassy of the Latvian Republic in Prague, where the Latvian Cultural Centre was founded in 1997.

The Czech–Latvian Society has about 80 members at present and is the most active one among the interest societies, which are dealing with the relationships between Czechia and the Baltic countries.

For other information about the club please contact the members of the Committee of the Czech–Latvian Club: Pavel Štoll (; information in Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, English and Russian) or Josef Miškovský (; information in Czech, English, German and Russian).


Česko-lotyšský spolek

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